Marc Maron gets in a good mood with Zach Galifiniakis/Cintra Wilson

Those of us who have listened to Marc Maron for the last number of years have gotten used to his self hating rants at his world of stand-up comedy.  So it always comes as a surprise when he is in a cheery mood.  The short interview with Zach Galifiniakis started with Zach trying to engage Marc in a typical dark history between the two, Zach being the great comedian he is, but Marc wasn’t playing.  Instead of being awkward and falling short the interview was lively and amusing.  The interview was serving to promote Zach’s new show Baskets, produced and partly written by Louie CK, but in the wonderful world of podcasts this subject was hardly touched.

The second interview was with the daring, fun, and open book, Cintra Wilson.  Marc doing his usual interview, walks Cintra through her life history and what shapes her into the personal she is today.  The interview was personal for Marc as well as they traveled the same spots in American in their youth.  I didn’t know a lot about Cintra Wilson before this podcast and was delighted to learn about her journey especially as she did not have an academic background yet was successful in the fashion journalism world.

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