The Worst idea of all time Episode 47

worst idea of all time

One of the most enigmatic podcasts out there now, the show is as revealing about the personal relationship between the host as its unusual premise.  If you haven’t heard of the topic of this podcast you will believe the title.  The two host Guy Montgomery and Tim Batt watch a movie once a week for a year.  In this the case the abysmal Sex in the City 2, 15% on Rotten Tomatoes.

Each week the hosts discuss the movie and as the series goes on become more and more philosophical, argumentative and depressed.  This week after 47 views the host are joined by the delightful Australian comedian Becky Lucas  ( ).  They discuss the film which Becky had not seen but who was a fan of Sex in the City.

I would rate this episode as one of the more light and enjoyable listens to the podcast unlike most of the podcast of whom those studying human psychology or the effects of torture on the human would truly benefit.

Category Comedy

Casting Pods rating 7


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