Double X debates and loves Crazy Ex-Girlfriend


Category: Culture

Pod Rating: Average


Power Pony edition

First off, I am a man.  How is that relevant you say, well in this case it is.  Double X is a podcast offered by Slate an often left leaning news magazine website.  Slate has a few podcasts to offer and Double X is involves three of their female writes discusses cultural events from essays, TV shows, news and general trends and how they relate to women.

The women have differentiating feminist views and offer a light engaging discussion of recent events and culture.  I enjoy listening to these women as alternative to my interpenetration of cultural happenings.  Generally I learn something new to add to my idea digestion.  This episode however was a let down.  Noreen, June and Hanna discuss the power pose, procrastination and CW’s Crazy ex-girlfriend.

I found this episode pretty uninteresting, which is not the norm, but I might check out Crazy ex-girlfriend on CW which has upped it’s interesting programming of late.


Casting Pods rating 6


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