F This Movie relives the ups and downs of Dusk till Dawn

f this movie

Category: Movie Reviews

Pod Rating: Good


From Dusk till Dawn


There are a lot of movie podcast out there.  I know I have listened to most of them.  Most of the podcast reviews are an audio version of Siskel and Ebert with usually a lot of fan love thrown in.

F this movie falls in this genre with the best of them.  This is not a critique of the podcast but an appreciation of embracing the trope of the Ebert/Siskel face off.  The hosts Patrick and Adam often go on long asides and are easily distracted.  The good part they are distracted by movie talk, it does make for a long podcast however.  Relaxed and easy to listen to I often fall asleep to this podcast.  In a later post I will discuss how insomnia found the podcast world in 2009.

After a long tangent on horror movies they have recently seen the hosts get to the task of discussing the merits of Dusk till Dawn.  There is opinions on Clooney, Tarantino’s acting and the dichotomy of the movie itself.  If you loved this 90’s Tarantino screenplay and Rodriguez killfests then listen to this podcast.  Remember tonny funny.




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