Freakonomics-Do Boycotts work?


Category: Culture

Pod Rating: Good


Ever since I read Stephen J Dubner and Steven Levitt’s first book, Freakonomics: A Rogue Economist Explores the Hidden Side of Everything, I have been fascinated by these two economist’s sideways view of social/economic outcomes in their studies.  Their studies in their subsequent books have altered my view on how the field of sociology and economics are entwined and how data can be used for good or bad.

Their podcast carries on this tradition and is a wonderful listen when walking in the park or a long drive on a lonely road.  Many times I have to replay the podcast because their discussions have led my mind on a tangent on the topic at hand.

This episode is particularly interesting as boycotts are a common National and Special interest tactic favored by both the right and left of political views.  Boycotts are also used by governments to strong arm other states into compliance of a law or view.

A very interesting listen.

Category: Culture

Casting Pods rating 8


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