Bill Burr eats elk chili and a pot cookie

Bill Burr podcast

Category: Comedy

Pod Rating: Okay


Monday Morning Podcast 2-1-16

One of the more esoteric podcasts out there only odd in it’s popularity.  I have never subscribed to personal journals for entertainment so understanding the appeal of them is a mystery.  Bill Burr is one of the most entertaining comedians out there, his natural cadence and voice as the reasonable angry liberal is unique and hilarious.  He is unabashedly Bostonian able to see the bullshit of the stereotype and the bullshit of those Bostonians who love the stereotype.  However this is not a commentary of his comedy which is great, a man on top of his game.

I simply don’t get it, if your listening for a middle age man’s narration on his everyday life is your thing. great, if your looking for Bill Burr’s comedy it’s not here.  He discusses getting high, girl scout cookies, elk chili without tomatoes, and stand up geography.  I did find the comment on Podiatrists loving the open carry movement amusing.  Bill also discusses Kanye West’s opinions on his ex Amber Rose’s sex life with him in recent gossip news.  Highlight of the podcast, Bill’s dear Prudence responses.

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