Radiolab probes how reporters decide is offlimits


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I don’t have to answer that

What is Radiolab?  Their website states it’s a radio show (also podcast like many public radio programs that are popular podcasts).  A radio show about curiosity, and in this they are right.  Add a dash of philosophy, news items and questions on the human experience and you have the audio essay that is Radiolab.

In this episode the co-hosts use the saga of the Gary Hart affair of the 1980’s that broke the taboo of reporting on politicians private lives since the days of yellow journalism in the early 20th century.  The story of the scandal becomes part of the judgement of a politician by voters as defined by reporters and the media empires they work for.  Archival footage provides context of the age with running commentary by author Matt Bai.  You can feel the tension as Gary Hart is questioned about infidelity and see why these revelations made for good television.  It also revealed a moral quandary for some of the reporters present at his press conference.  However a cultural shift in journalism had taken place and there was no going back, Cokie Roberts added that women in journalism had been a growing force in political coverage and had experienced male character flaws that had impact in their ability to govern effectively especially on social grounds.

A good podcast for political junkies like myself.




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