The Nerdist gets historical with Noel Fielding of the Mighty Boosh


Category: Comedy

Pod Rating: Good Great

Episode: 784 Noel Fielding

The nerdiest has announced that they are now only doing one podcast a week from their usual three.  I for one think this is a good thing.  Over the years an over reliance on celebrity interview with light questions became a podcast version of Larry King.  There were always of flashes of brilliance and comedy but mostly it was comfortable like a second cup of coffee.

If you happen to be a fan of Mighty Boosh, IT crowd and avid follower of British Comedy in the 90’s then this interview will have some interest for you.  Chris and Noel delve into Noels professional past and draw out a timeline of his career.  Noel is charming and affable which makes for a good listen if your cleaning or playing a video game like I do when listening to podcasts.  Normally I would give this temper of podcast just an ok except the personality of Noel Fielding, enjoy washing dished while listen to this latest Nerdist endeavor.



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