The Canon seeks to elevate Oldboy to list of must see movies

Category: Comedy

Podcast Review:  Great 2 the canon

Episode 62 Old Boy

This week the Canon with Devin Farachi and Amy Nicholson discuss Oldboy (2003).  This movie is debated by two very knowledgeable movie critics who break down the merits of this Korean masterpiece.  This episode is pure fanboy love from Devin and Amy.  It does not contain not their usual disagreements with Devin’s dickheadedness and Amy’s trying to be a diplomat.

There isn’t too much too say about this podcast except if you haven’t watched Oldboy do not listen to this podcast, and watch this movie.  If you have and loved this movie like I do, then this is a must listen.  Oldboy is revenge flick about Oh Dae-su’s journey to figure out the mystery of his fifteen years in a hotel room made prison that takes the viewer on a metaphysical ride that often causes real discomfort.  Highly recommended, check this one out.

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