X-Files Files special live show with Darin Morgan

x-files filesEpisode: Xthon with Darin Morgan

Category: Comedy

Podcast rating:   okay

I have never been a fan of live episodes with the exception of Doug loves movie, cause you know, you don’t have a choice.  i understand that these podcasters have few revenue streams and live podcasting is one of the main ones but it just doesn’t translate.  You don’t get the feel of electricity of the audience like a concert or a stand up show.

The X-files return has everyone including me very excited but also scared as a lot of reboots have not been able to capture the magic of the original (Anchorman 2).  There is nothing usually wrong about them but there is something special about the chemistry that makes that particular time and people special.  It is amusing to hear Robert Plant talk about how shitty Led Zeppelin was, yet nothing he ever has done has been near as good, it’s called magic Robert.

So how lucky is Kumail is that after a year of fanboydom podcasts the show comes back on air.  In that time Kumail has interviewed or spoken to all the relevant performers, writers and even the composer of the X-files as he goes through the series episode by episode.  I am sure it doesn’t hurt that Kumail is a major character on a modern hit, Silicon Valley.  His connection to Hollywood gives him the legitimacy to have the players come on his show ala Marc Maron, Chris Hardwick, Joe Rogan ect.

This episode is hard to listen to as the sound, awkwardness of the interview and format does not enlighten possible the best episode of X-Files, “Clyde Bruckman’s Final Repose”.  Darin Morgan the writer of the episode is the guest and has a quiet manner which makes it hard to hear him and his background information of the episode which is why everyone is listening.  A more intimate setting would work better for him so unfortunately this episode is a dud except for the exceptional topic.




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