Love Life with Matthew Hussey

23297197Episode: What really makes a man commit

Category: Self Help

Podcast Rating: Great 2


I fully expected to dislike this short (8 minutes) podcast.  It has all the cheesy, smultzy and maybe in my forty years of existence whining about getting a man, keeping a man and so on.  Before you judge me, I am recently separated from my wife and it is heartbreaking.  Well, I was wrong, I can admit it.  Matt is an engaging, diplomatic and empathetic host.  The format of the podcast is Matt answering a caller’s questions.  This episode  “what makes a man commit”.  He listens and then gave specific advice within a greater context of the times we live in.  As a former youth counselor I found him to be quite professional unlike let’s say Dr. (?) Laura.

You can ‘t write too much about an 8 minute podcast but what I can say is this podcast does exactly what it sets out to do.  The podcast is limited to women who are looking for relationship advice with men, but the podcast is honest in that it’s broadcasting to a limited audience.  The format is clear, concise and the information to the particular caller is good.  If you are looking for relationship advice as a woman then check out was Matt Hussey has to offer.


Dylan F




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