Marc Maron gets regular life with Cindy Crawford

WTF  Episode: 678 Cindy Crawford

Category: Comedy  Great

Podcast Rating:

One thing about Marc Maron’s podcast is you get your money’s worth in time and energy.  Marc has a pretty consistent format, he talks about his life, reads some emails, interviews the guest and then play’s his guitar for a minute or two.  Marc is very revealing about his personal life and is very honest which is why people are drawn to him.  His honesty usually brings out the same in guests and that’s how you get the president to be on your podcast.  Marc prefers the historical interview going through his guests life and journey into becoming into who they are.  Marc successfully walks their guest through their past and lets his guests go into tangents but brings them back when appropriate.

The interview with Cindy Crawford follows this pattern and Marc manages to bring out the insight into the world of rockstar modeling in the 80’s and 90’s.  Cindy’s long history with modeling gives us a real history of this time and the fusion of modeling, fashion, movies and stardom.  She also gives personal perspective on her marriage to Richard Gere and her twenty-five year marriage to her current husband and former model husband.

This is a pretty standard interview which means good mostly because of Marc Maron’s skill as an interviewer.  He does draw out Cindy’s insecurities at being in her 50’s and having a young daughter enter modeling.  If you were around in the 90’s like myself or are interested in the world of modeling this is a pretty good listen.



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