Naturally Nicole talks about herself mostly

Naturally NicoleEpisode: 84 Nicole and Joey do Cocktails with Khloe

Category: Society and Culture?

Podcast Rating:  Notgood

What can I say about Naturally Nicole with Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi?  First let me preface my article by saying this is a site about reviewing podcasts, not a site about my favorite podcasts.  So I tried to go at this with an open mind.  However my history with Snooki is not a good one.  When I was a youth worker in a high school “Jersey Shore” was a huge problem.  Many of the young women in particular worshiped the show and imitation being the highest form of flattery you can imagine how that impacted their schooling.

That being said, I feel that any pop culture art has to be judged on it’s own merit.  So I have to immerse myself in the psyche of a Snooki fan.  In this psyche I imagine the important part of the podcast is living life as Nicole.  So Nicole is giving her fans a window into her life.  She converses with her friend Joey to discuss a podcast with Khloe Kardashian and her upcoming “Celebrity Apprentice” appearance except they don’t because they cannot reveal anything, so time in the podcast was wasted.

Nicole goes on to gossip about Kanye and Amber Rose, the third time this subject has come up in podcast reviews this week.  So that sad and pointless twitter war between the two will sell more albums for all involved.  Further discussions involve more things Nicole is involved in and more gossip about Chelsea Handler.

I tried to evaluate this podcast on it’s merits except it had none.  There was no information or glimpses on Nicole’s life, no background on any of the projects she was involved in and the gossip is the same gossip everywhere on the internet with no insight.  The sound quality is terrible and hard to hear.  The podcast is an audio ad for Snooki’s other endeavors and not at all interesting.  I am sure some disagree, please enlighten me on the greatness that is Nicole Polizzi.

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