Doug Benson loves movies and many comedians do too

douglovesmovies  Episode: Ben Schwartz, Noel Wells, Neil Brennan, Ken Reid

Category: Comedy

Podcast Rating:  Great


Doug Benson is a prolific multimedia comedian.  You can catch him in his podcasts, getting “Doug With High”, The Benson interruption, and numerous extra roles in famous movies such as “Blade-Runner”, “Fast Times at Ridgemont High” and one-time back-up dancer in a Captain EO video.

The format of this podcast is Doug riffing with fellow comedians all wrapped up in the excuse of a movie quiz show.  Doug allows his guests to go on longs comedic tangents which can be highly amusing yet somehow he manages to finishes the game. Doug uses a number of game show tropes such as listing a number of actors by name in a movie or name the movie from it’s tag line.  He then assigns a point to the winner of the question or answers the fastest.  Audience members can play along if one of the guests chooses their name tag and help their comedian with the answers.  The winner of the game gets comedy honor and their name tag audience member gets a bag of knickknacks brought by the guests.

I am unable to really go into detail about this episode as it’s mostly comedians cracking jokes at each other’s expense. If you love comedy, movies or weed, then this is definitely a must listen.  Doug is experienced enough to know when to step in and keep the game going and keep the riffing fresh.  There is also a lot of movie trivia for movie buffs as Doug often quizzes and trips up the guests about movies they are in.


Dylan F

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