James Ganz discusses data and sports gambling on What’s the Point

whats-the-point Episode 32: Big times sports

Category: Education

Podcast Rating: Great

After Nate Silver launched fivethirtyeight.com,  data as a tool became part of the overall business culture and not just for sports nerds and policy wonks.  What’s the point analyzes how data impacts our daily lives.  This podcast with host Judy Avrigan has looked at data use in politics in the 19th century and how DNA data  is misused in the courts in past episode topics.

This particular episode looks at big data in the sports industry. In the world of fantasy sports there is a concern by guest James Ganz (NY times reporter) that more than a few unscrupulous people are using big data to manipulate gambling bets in their favor and believes players in these sports are involved.

He talks about the detecting work of finding where the data resides.  He discovers the locations of big data centers that are housed in warehouse throughout the United States and the Caribbean. Discussion revolves how current laws are inadequate and law enforcement is ignorant on how the digital system of data works.  He also talks about the “Frontline” piece coming out Feb 9/2016 on  Fanatasy Sports Gambling and the race to get to the physical servers where all this is all stored.  If you are interested in gambling and how the new big data is incorporated into the betting, listen to this podcast.

Dylan F

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