How did this get made questions The Apple

Howdidthisgetmade Episode 129: The Apple: Live

Category: Comedy

Podcast Rating:  Great

How did this get made is the podcast I fall asleep to when I am fighting bouts of insomnia.  That is not to say that it is boring, far from it. HDTGM is amusing, funny and light which takes me away from the reality of life.  The format of the podcast is the hosts Paul Scheer, June Diane Raphael, Jason Mantzoukis and usually a fellow actor guest watch a well known terrible movie.  They do this usually the night before and discuss it’s merits on the podcast.  This format is somewhat similar to “Best of the Worst” of Redlettermedia fame.  Paul, June and Jason highlight plot holes, bad acting and bizarre directing decisions with humorous results.  

In this episode (with guest Andy Richter), the hosts tackle the 1980 (classic?) The Apple.  An inane vision of the Canon productions company owner Menahem Golan, The Apple is an undisguised metaphor of the story of the Garden of Eden and the fall of Adam and Eve. The twist is it takes place in 1995 as a disco opera with a music mogul devil antagonist.   The script for “The Apple” started out as a play and you can see the adaptation to film is a clumsy fit.  Not much commentary is needed as the film is just terrible with the most crazy costumes and film sets only highlight the insanity.

Andy Richter is a great guest as he makes a lot of the best quips about the film and for once June’s interpenetration of the movie is not the focus of the group. Jason hams it up and Paul as usual tends to play the straight man as he tries to understand the motives of the director.  This episode is one of the better ones especially if you enjoy live episodes which I do not.  Good listen with lots of laughs.

Dylan F



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