Bitch Sesh loves the Real Housewives too much

bitch sesh Episode: 9 Backwards in Heels

Category: Comedy

Podcast Rating: okay


Bitch Sesh is a podcast by two TV actors (Danielle Schneider and Casey Wilson) commenting on their favorite TV show “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills:.  If the word Meta eluded you in it’s definition then this podcast is it.  We have two women who play characters on TV analyze women who play themselves on TV.  If your confused don’t worry I am confused too, apparently the false reality becomes a big part of these podcasters lives.

Host Danielle Schneider who starred and co-created the mockumentry “Hot Wives” throws out commentary on this episode with her guest host Dannah Phirman (Hot Wives).  They bring on special guest Matt McConkey (UCB) to gossip about the housewives. Topics mentioned are who from Real Housewives is appearing on reality TV such as one of the Real Housewives going on Celebrity Apprentice. By the way this is the second time Celebrity Apprentice has been mentioned in a podcast I listened to this week.  I assume that D-list TV reality stars engaging each other is how they stay relevant.

The podcast seems to be an homage/critical take on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. I did not find the podcast particularly funny as it is one big inside joke and one would have to be an avid watcher of Real Housewives to get it.  The podcast audience for this program eludes me as a look at the top 100 podcasts shows the average listener to statistically not be the Real Housewives demographic.  I will concede that podcasting is still in infancy of pop culture awareness and this demographic could grow and change.  I found this podcast lacking in it’s attempts.  It wasn’t terrible just too niche for a broad audience.

Dylan F


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