Carl in the Morning on Saturday Morning

carlwolfson Episode: Feb 4/2016

Category: Society and Culture

Podcast Rating: okay



Many podcasts are radio shows uploaded to their websites as a podcast to be downloaded.  Examples of these are This American life, Freakonomics and Planet Money.  These radio shows are also among the most popular podcasts out there.  I don’t mind this practice except in that there are rules for radio shows under the FCC that don’t apply to podcasts. Podcasters can pretty much say whatever they want in whatever audio format they want.  This openness gives a lot of creative juice and we are blessed with an overabundance of amateur podcasts good and bad.  The advantage of the radio shows, even constrained are the professionalism and quality of the podcast.

Carl in the morning is a Liberal minded two hour radio show, although as a Canadian, American liberals would be considered pretty middle of the road on the political spectrum.  The format would be familiar to any listener who likes talk radio or commutes to work.  As this is one of the most popular podcasts along with the other PBS podcasts and celebrity interviews podcasts shows podcasting as entertainment tends to be fairly liberal overall.

In this latest podcast Carl, heralding from Portland Oregon, discusses the weekly political news, comments on the 2016 political race for the White-house and Obama’s legacy.  He interviews Oregon state representative Alissa Keny-Guyer about housing crises in Portland in depth which would be interesting to policy wonks, housing advocates and those of us finding affordable rent a struggle.  This includes myself which being single half of my pay goes to rent to live in the city of Victoria BC.

There was nothing really wrong with this podcast but it was a morning radio show.  I don’t go to YouTube to watch the evening news and I had the same feeling listening to this podcast.  Although as I type this I have a sneaking suspicion that is the future for news.  I founds the constant radio station identifiers, time shoutouts and news updates to be annoying as this is a podcast and should have been edited out.  Carl is an experienced host and interviewer and two hours is a long time to fill so judging so cutting it some slack.  If you are a die hard liberal like myself then this is a good radio show as a podcast listener I give it a passing grade.

Dylan F

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