Josh Brolin, relaxed and chatty on Nerdist

nerdistpodcastv2 Episode: Josh Brolin

Category: Comedy

Podcast Rating: Great 2

I wouldn’t review a podcast so soon after an earlier review unless it was worth mentioning.  So it was with considerable surprise that this Nerdist interview with Josh Brolin was good, real good.  Normally I would have waited for a few weeks and picked the best of the Nerdists to write on.  It happened to be there was nothing on TV I wanted to watch and so I clicked the interview.  I am not sure what Chris Hardwick and co-host Matt Mira did to so disarm Josh Brolin, maybe nothing, but it worked.

I have mentioned before that I consider Chris Hardwick a lightweight when it comes to interviewing but one thing he does well is put his guests as ease.  Josh led the interview into the territory he wanted such as the weirdness of fangirl love for “Labor” or how too many re-shoots ruined Jonah Hex.  He discusses his career choices and opens up about pretty much everything.  He was not shy about his feelings on the success or failure of his movies. at least the financial reasons.

When Chris gets the right guest for him like Tom Hanks, Jason Alexander or Domhnall Gleeson who are genuinely nice people it makes for a really good interview. Hardwick won’t crack the tough nuts like Marc Maron does but the interviews can be quite funny which is what I think Hardwick is going for.  If you are looking for what makes Josh Brolin tick this is not the podcast you are looking for but if you like to laugh or nerd out on Josh Brolin’s movies then this is it.

Dylan F





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