The Moth weaves homespun tales

the-moth Episode: Moth Grandslam: Life and Death

Category: Performing Arts

Podcast Rating: Great 2

The Moth radio hour is one the podcasts reminiscent of the the old timey radio hours.  It is similar to Prairie Home Companion, Vinyl Cafe or Welcome to Nightvale.  In the case of this podcasts format people come up to events and tell their story mostly personal and always amusing.

I might of lucked out because the latest episode was from a Grandslam contest winners so the stories were the best and it showed in the podcast.  There is a story about 9yr old Romeo and Juliet story from Serbia, redemption on the subway, the first year of being a teacher and saving oneself with stand-up comedy, a widower’s journey whitewater rafting, clowns for christ and a deep story about loss of a beloved brother.

I found this podcast to inspiring and touching.  After having a difficult day of heavy emotions this podcast set a different tone and made me appreciate the things in life I have.  If you are needing a boost, a laugh, a story to re-tell, then this podcast is for you.  Real stories by real people living their lives.

Dylan F


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