Criminal podcast investigates the Treaty Oak poisoning

criminal podcast Episode :36 Perfect Specimen

Category: Personal Journal

Podcast Rating: Great


Criminal is a podcast that has seized on our cultural fascination with crime, see True Crime, Making of a Murderer, the endless CSI spin offs.  With the success of Serial, true crime has now entered the podcast world.  Criminal consists of one episode story of true crime based on the recollections of the people who were there.

The host Phoebe Judge takes a folksy approach to the telling of the crime and investigation.  The people involved and place itself are as important as the act.  In the case of this episode, the crime takes place in Austin Texas where the history and culture of the city are part of the story.   The people involved, including investigators, judges and witnesses are heartfelt in their perspective and they help weave the narrative Phoebe is presenting.  This particular podcast involves the case of the poisoning of a famous tree as revenge against the state of Texas.

The story is short, poignant and educational.  It is a well done podcast and if you have twenty minutes to kill while your waiting for your wife/husband, children or at an appointment.  The time goes by enjoyably and you feel satisfied at the conclusion of good storytelling.  Definitely worth checking out as also one of the best websites I have come across in this podcast journey.

Dylan F

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