Cavern of Secrets is full of little gems

cavernEpisode: 5 Thigh gaps, Thirst and Kyell Grant

Category: Personal Journal

Podcast Rating: Great


My random sampling of podcasts to listen to and cast a opinion/feeling, landed on Cavern of Secrets.  A very visible logo caught my eye immediately and a quick read piqued my interest although I would of listened anyway.  I have the fortunate(?) coincidence of landing on a lot of feminine oriented podcasts which is some weird form of karma considering I am going through a heartbreaking divorce.

The host, Lauren Mitchell is a comedian living in Toronto, that seems to be obsessed with Drake.  However on this podcast I was happy he was barely mentioned although as a fellow Canadian I should be supportive.  She is funny, politically angry (a good thing) and has an affinity with her guests.  This podcast is one of the many that are a personal journal/ interview shows which the podcast format lends itself.  This podcast occurs monthly which gives a measurable difference in the mindset of the host from month to month and you feel your on a journey with them.

This episode was an interview with her friend and pop culture commentator Kyrell Grant.  They are clearly friends and the episode felt like being in their bedroom, a little too high and dropping in on their secret conversation.  The episode was a silly, rambling and odd relative to the other ones but personal journey do not occur in a straight line.  If you are a young woman, love comedy, love pop culture and interested in feminism this podcast is one you will enjoy.

Dylan F

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