The Culture Gabfest gabs about Beyonce/Hail Ceaser

slate culture gabfest

Episode: Beyonce wins the Superbowl

Category: Society and Culture

Podcast Rating:okay


Slate’s Culturefest is one of the many Slate podcasts that uses the three person discussion format debating although mostly agreeing format.  Hosts Dana Stevens, Julia Turner and Stephen Metcalf choose topics ranging from music, television, books and movies to comment on.  The hosts are clearly well educated and provide a balance of academic and feeling based opinions towards pop culture events.

The first topic is on the new Cohen brothers film “Hail Ceaser” which the hosts liked but were disappointed, possible by the high bar set by prior Cohen brothers movies. The layers of the film industry exposed by the story doesn’t hit as hard as lets say “No Country for Old Men” or “Barton Fink” does in the hosts opinion.  The film is more like “Burn after reading”.  Next topic discussed was Beyonce releasing her song and then crashing the Superbowl half time game.  Her timing was well loved as a power move by the Hosts and much love was heaped on her and her career. Finally the Superbowl ads were considered in the weird category and discussion about their impact as advertising successes.  The general consensus was that the ads hit their mark and Peyton Manning was the best marketer of the night.  At the end of the podcast the hosts shout out pieces of pop culture that they have enjoyed over the week.

Generally I am not a big fan of the “Culture Gabfest” and I can’t really tell you why.  I like “Double X” and Mike Pesca’s “The Gist” but Gabfest doesn’t grab me.  I believe that if your going to go academic go all the way and really break it down.  I am left wondering at the phenom that is Beyonce and not just saying she is great in all she does because I am not a fan.  My academic background is in Sociology so my bar on the how and why of culture is close to my heart.  On the plus side hosts have an easy rapport with each other are professional and the podcast runs smoothly.

Dylan F




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