The Minimalists

minimalists  Episode: 8 Relationships

Category: Self-Help

Podcast Rating:  Great


Minimalism is a growing trend in North America as a philosophy to simply one’s life. I would ascribe it as a response to the mass consumerism of not just goods but the information that is overwhelming us.   Joshua Fields Millburn & Ryan Nicodemus are two people who have came to this philosophy over time and started making more out of life with less.

The podcast consists of the hosts taking calls and answering questions on how to incorporate the minimalist philosophy into the callers and writers everyday lives.  I found the information useful and not preachy which is what I was expecting.  I would say the podcast is to support their devotee’s to the minimalist lifestyle.  This episode is minimalism as it relates to relationships.

There is a lot of discussion of mindfulness here which I am encountering more and more in my life and podcast travels. Basically being aware of the moment you are in. Seems simple but it is actually very difficult to not get distracted with everyday life. I am digressing here but the podcast has a habit of making you think which is good.  I can’t say I was completely convinced of their self-help guruness but they had some good points worth pondering.  I especially like the discussion on gift giving becoming com-modification of love.

If you feel overwhelmed with obligations, stuff or life burdens then this podcast is for you.  Or if your curious about minimalism as a philosophy then check out one of the topics and give it a listen.

Dylan F



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