5 Best Podcasts for the Single Person on Feb 14

Valentines day is tomorrow and if your like me you will be spending it alone.  Now that doesn’t have to be a negative experience.  Some of us like being alone, some of us hate the commercialism and pressure, some of us reject labels and some of us just like to reflect on the best of being single.  Here are the five best podcasts to listen to on Valentines day.


Not too Deep With Grace Helbig

Episode: Valentine’s day rants

Youtube star Grace Helbig and her friends swap Valentine’s day stories from grade school to losing your virginity on Valentines.  Join in the fun of bashing the worst day of the year.


The Moth

Episode: Valentine’s Day

The Moth tackles Valentine’s day with three stories of love, promises and fealty.  A woman fall in love with a younger man, a boy keeps his promise to his high school sweetheart and girl decides to tell her love she wants to be a nun.  As usual great stories that warm and amuse.



Love life with Matthew Hussey

Episode :Quick tips to enjoy a miserable free Valentine’s day

Our old friend Matthew Hussey dispensing advice for women again.  As long as you don’t buy any of his products and stick to the podcast you will get all the good advice you need.



Thinking Allowed on BBC Radio

Episode: Being single-Modern Romance

A sociological discussion to the phenomenon of the majority of people in the western world being single.  This podcasts studies the stigma of being single, how technology like the app Tinder and how this new single majority affects the marketplace.  Guests include Eric Klinenberg  professor of sociology, blogger Zoe Margolis and Ai Ling Lay lecturer in Marketing & Management at the University of Leicester.

entitlement podcast


The Entitlement Podcast from the editors of Vice

Episode: 2 First Heartbreak

Popular website Vice gives us the Entitlement podcast.  Alison Stevenson, Dave Schilling and comedian Dave Ross explore one subject to explore personally.  In this episode it’s heartbreak the last of our podcasts and the experience we all have had and probably will remember on Valentine’s Day.

There you have it five hours of my life dedicated to making yours and mine a better Valentine’s day.  Live life, treat yourself and go on an adventure.

Dylan F

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