Risk! asks Who are you?

Risk  Episode: Who are You?

Category: Performing Arts

Podcast Rating: Great 2


This podcast was recommended by a friend and so I had no idea what it would entail. When a friend tells you to check something out there is always that worry you won’t like it and you don’t want to let them down.  This particular friend opinion’s on matters of culture is pretty good so I thought why not. Risk! is a podcast that dares people to tell their true stories to a live audience.  Each podcast is framed by a theme and host Kevin Allison (the State) presents the show.

This episode consisted of stories that revolved around who we are inside and who we are to the world.  The first story is of a newly out gay man’s first trip to a sex club and the lies he told to the person he connected with.  The lies grow as he continues to date this person and it gets crazier, crazier and very explicit.  The second presenter discusses a love story over the internet with the two lovers never meeting each other. Sharing the difficulties of being a teenager going through puberty and diving into a digital life of pro-ana websites to escape the misery.  The third storyteller tells of moving to New York to meet the man of her dreams.  She falls deeply in love with this awesome man who is perfect in every way, of course this is a scam but as s says, he was so good looking.  The scams get bigger and bigger and I will let her tell how it all ends.

The podcast is visceral, raw and very funny.  You can feel the weight of the story pouring out of the speaker out into the audience.  As deep as the stories are, they are uplifting and inspiring  and to experience it with the storyteller is a treat.   I would recommend this podcast to those of us who have been stuck in the same rut whether it be a job, spouse or place.   A little over an hour on average of escapism that is truly worth it.

Dylan F

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