Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson reveal their roots on WTF

WTF   Episode: 681 Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson

Category: Comedy

Podcast rating:  Great


What Marc Maron does great is connect to his guests on an emotional level. This is a skill earned, not learned and only a lifetime of self torturous self examination grants this expertise.  Maron, not known for liking or respecting alt comics usually comes around after discovering the artists deep motivation in his continuing judgment of one’s authenticity.  This episodes discussion with Ilana and Abbi of Broad City fame take its course as he weaves through their upbringing and path that led them to their hit show.

As with most of his interviews with people he doesn’t know, he likes to take the listener on a history lesson trying to uncover the demons or angels that tap into a persons comedy roots.  Unfortunately for Marc both Ilana and Abbi had great supportive parents who were creative in their own right.  Marc’s curiosity on how a good comedian can not be tortured shows his maturity and genuinely accepting their inspiration comes not from a dark place.  We are seeing this more and more in young comedians such a John Mulaney, Bill Hader ect.  I believe this is a good sign as overall, parenting is getting better.

There is not too much to say about this episode other than Abbi and Ilana as a duo interview is not quite as revealing as would be solo.  They tell their orgin story and frustration as Upright Citizens Brigade students not getting noticed.  How they struck out on their own on Youtube and found their voice and fame.  The women are honest, amusing and you feel their connection to each other.  If your a fan of Broad City or sketch comedy this is a good podcast to listen too.

Dylan F


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