Shmanners overstays with discussion on houseguests

shmannersEpisode: House Guests

Category: Comedy

Podcast Rating:   Great


Shmanners is a podcast on the Maximum fun network best known for Judge John Hodgeman show.  Maximum fun is an aggregation of podcasts like Earwolf and Panopoly, apparently an attempt to make podcasting profitable.  Maximum fun has a bunch of good comedy podcasts of which Shmammers is one of them.  Except it isn’t, it is a podcast about manners from a young married couple regarding different topics in this case having house guests.

I was confused at this comedy podcast as I listened, advice on how to have rules and norms regarding house guests in your home.  Suggestions ranged from having toiletries, making plans with the house guest so they pack approximately, having clear expectations and so on.  All the advice was good and useful and I would probably add Shmanners to my podcast lists although I would only listen to it when they had a topic that I was interested in.

Husband and wife team of Travis and Teresa play off with each other well and are light and easy to listen to and even occasionally disagree in the nicest way. If you are interested in twenty first century manners, or if you have house guests coming then it’s a good podcast to listen to.  Shmanners is a more of an advice podcast and on that it accomplishes it’s task, it’s not comedy so avoid it on that premise.

Dylan F

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