Southern Fork digs into Urban Local Farming


Episode: 2 City Roots

Category: Places and Travel

Podcast Rating: Great


I wasn’t sure what to expect with this podcast.  As a foodie, I had hopes; but I was worried that we would be subjected to a series of interviews of whichever chef was trending.  I was pleasantly surprised to listen to the second episode of this podcast. Interviewing an entrepreneur that is trying a sustainable, small-scale, farm project was a nice change of pace.

This is a short podcast, consisting of only the single interview.  The host builds a nice rapport with the guest, and the interview flows well.  As a new podcast, I hope that the host is able to keep up the pace and quality.  If she is, there is an opportunity for her to continue to interview guests in all aspects of the food world.  All-in-all, a pleasant half-hour.


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