Note to Self tries sugar detox: Hacking your diet

480x270_33283Episode: We Tried to ‘Hack’ Our Diets

Podcast Category: Tech News

Podcast Rating: Great 2


The list of top 100 podcast has become dominated by NPR in the last couple of years.  NPR has filled it programming with legions of young, tech savy, energetic journalists.  Their expertise range from science to music to political and just great bloggers.  The public radio stations have the studios and professionals to meld with this new generation of journalists.  This union is used to make extremely strong and engaging podcasts.

Note to Self with Manoush Zomorodi explores the personal side of how technology impacts her life.  She tries the latest gadgets, fads and interviews the people involved in using or making them.  In this episode she and her co-workers try to eliminate sugar from their diet by cold turkey and two different phone apps.  She gives an audio journal on how it’s working.

This is a pretty good podcast,  Manoush has that enjoyable quality of soothing voice and excitement that makes her a good podcaster.  The podcast is short but educational with a personal touch.  A good podcast for killing a few minutes waiting or if your interested in trying out the latest tech.

Dylan F


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