Lets make Mistakes together makes some mistakes

Letsmakemistakestogether Episode: Moulin Rouge made me believe in love/ Sam Bashor

Category: Comedy

Podcast Rating:  Notgood

Podcasting has become cool, Marc Maron, Joe Rogan, Serial, This American life have given podcasting street and intellectual credibility.  It seems that every aspiring celebrity needs to have twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Youtube and now a podcast.  I had never heard of Philip Defranco who after a wikipedia search I learned was a Youtube Celebrity.  I had to dig deep for you,  readers of Podcastmax.  I felt obligated to watch a series of his Youtube videos on top of two hours of his podcast.

In his videos Phillip Defranco comments on news and pop culture events with a libertarian view.  His success I would attribute to his early adoption (2006), jump cuts and the satirical personal opinions that seems to resonate in our current personalized culture.  His podcast is none of these things.  He interviews people in his media world in a casual manner ala Chris Hardwick.  Unfortunately he is not skilled enough or patient enough to draw out the answers he is looking for.  This particular podcast was an interview with Sam Bashor who is a writer for SourceFed Nerd.  Sourcefed Nerd is a youtube channel which discusses pop culture.

This is a pretty boring podcast, which sucks because it has a great title.  The interview rambles on and it was more of a inconsistent conversation than useful information. A casual conversation can make a good podcast, see Worst Idea of all time, but should at least make you laugh.  I am sure Sam Bashor has a lot of things to say about comics, movies, music but we will never really know.  Interviewing is a serious skill and so is comedy and this podcast hits neither.  Skip this podcast unless you want to know the daily work life of Phillip Defranco.

Dylan F

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