The Bodcast Looks at Fitness Myths

bodcast Episode: Fitness Bulls**t

Category: Comedy

Podcast Rating: Great


Like everyone else, this year I was going to get into shape.  I have taken this vow for the last fourteen years.  I have bounced weight from 270 to 240 and back for the same amount of time.  Strangely for me I have never turned to a podcast for information.  I have always felt that eating was a substitute for the emptiness I feel inside.  I decided to finally start therapy at forty-four and also dedicated myself to exercise doing both for balance.

My first foray into fitness podcasts is Bodcast.  Hosted by trainer Michael Buckley and comedian Robyn Schall, Bodcast takes a very typical podcasting approach to fitness.  I don’t state this a bad thing, but in fact makes the discussion of fitness very approachable.  This episode is about fitness myths which caught my eye as I start my own fitness journey.  Michael Buckley and guest host and trainer Natalie Mcclure discuss vitamins, hydrating and whether eating after a workout helps or hurts.  The hosts have personal anecdotes, what works with their clients and equipment that matters.

I listened to the whole podcast and was writing this up when I realized the podcast ended in march of last year.  This is a good example how a podcast can have longevity and relevancy as I did not notice while listening.  The Bodcast was on the new and noteworthy list on itunes so I plead ignorance on this one.  It was good podcast, thirty minutes, giving information in an easy digestible way without being preachy which is not the usual in a fitness podcast.

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