Modern Love and the Power of Alzheimers

modernlove Episode: 6 Magically Interrupted

Category: Society and Culture

Podcast Rating:  Great 2

When you have the backing of the New York times can you really have a bad podcast?When actor Michael Shannon reads an essay about love on your podcast can you go wrong? When your podcast is just over a month old and is listed fifty on the one hundred best podcasts what part of your podcasting world fails?  The answer is of course not really anything.

Expertly written and produced, host Meghna Chakrabarti and New York Times Editor Daniel Jones bring you tales of love in the twenty first century.  These are not the traditional Hollywood or romance novel stories but have the same ability to move you.  The podcast tells the story of love and then brings the writer of the story to discuss the events.  A son writes an essay of how his grandmother’s Alzheimer’s brought his family together after being estranged for many years.  How Alzheimer’s took away all the bad memories and his grandmother’s anger and resentment.  How a daughter got to reconnect with her mother before her was mother was gone.

Based on the New York Times column of the same name the podcast attempts to capture the true nature of love.  In the hours I listened to, this feat was accomplished. This short podcast of around twenty minutes hits it’s mark appropriately and leaves you satisfied with a tale to tell your friends and family.

Dylan F



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