Stuff you Missed in History Class reveals Michelangelo’s Pieta

og_image Episode:  A Brief History of the Pietà

Category: History

Podcast Rating: Great


From the producers of the hit podcast “Stuff You Should Know” comes the hit “Stuff You Missed in History Class”.  Stuff You Should Know is a very popular podcast, I don’t know why exactly as it’s the podcast equivalent of an audio Wikipedia search. I still like the idea however as getting a little bit of knowledge is never a bad thing, and so goes with Stuff You Missed In History Class.

Tracey V Wilson is a staff writer SYSK and history buff and Holley Frey is a history fashionista.  These two hosts tell the little known stories from history that are behind the big events. They do a lot of research and reading so basically you don’t have to.  The stories are interesting historical nuggets and they have a huge archive to peruse.  In this episode they tell the story of Pieta.  What is a Pieta you ask?  I didn’t know either.  You will find out that Michelangelo made not one but three Pieta sculptures in his lifetime and why.

The podcast is relatively short, thirty minutes and I found myself listening to podcast after podcast which is probably the best endorsement one could make.  The two hosts are at ease with each other and play off the material well.  A good podcast for passing time in a waiting room, on the drive to work and a walk.  I learned a lot of American history which help me understand American culture better.  Good podcast all the way around.

Dylan F

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