The Canon Casts it’s Vote for Election

the canonEpisode: 65 Election w/ Paul Rust

Category: Comedy

Podcast Rating:   Great

There are quite a few movie review podcasts out there in the digital audiosphere. The majority of them consist of a couple of friends discussing the amusing, annoying or fine qualities of the topic film.  The Canon stands out in a variety of ways.  The two movie critics Devin Faraci  (Birth, Movies, Death) and Amy Nicholson (La Weekly) argue the merits of a film and then let the fans decide if the film makes the list of all time great films.

The film for this week is Election (1999) starring Mathew Broderick and Reese Witherspoon.  This is a film I love, a dark satire of the gender, class and literal politics in a Midwestern high school.  As I have mentioned before, I worked in a high school for nine years so this film resonated with me.  The guest for this podcast is Paul Rust (Love tv series) who feels connected to the character of Tracy Flick.  The three discuss the merits of the film especially the deep development of each character including the supporting cast.

The Canon is about an hour long which is the average for a podcast.  The hosts are extremely knowledgeable on movies in general and add insight to the characters, motivations and backgrounds of the movies they debate.  I listen to this podcast if I am looking for a movie to watch, a long car ride or working on my computer.  Good podcast about a great movie.

Dylan F






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