The Anxiety Guy Podcast

anxietyEpisode: 8 How to be the best anxiety support team

Category: Self-Help

Podcast Rating: Great


Anxiety is a mental health disorder that affects one in three people in their lifetime. I have someone close to me who suffers from anxiety that makes their life quite difficult.  So I was very intrigued in discovering this podcast and what it had to offer. There is a plethora of self-help podcasts out there and deciding which one works for you can be a time consuming process.   I was glad that this podcast didn’t disappoint.

Dennis Simsek was a professional tennis player that has lives with an anxiety disorder.  He explores how to live with his disorder in a healthy manner in different aspects. The podcast has a very amateur feel but Dennis is very genuine in his delivery and his experiences are valuable.  The youtube version of the podcast is pretty cheesy and I would chalk that up to inexperience.  This episode deals with being a support person to someone with anxiety.  In a quick rundown Dennis and his fiance relay their experiences and what a support person needs to do for their loved one and what themselves need to do to stay healthy.

The podcast is short and I would say listen to more than one to get a better feel of what Dennis’s experiences and advice are trying to show.  I appreciate that he was not trying to sell anything on his podcast not that I am totally against a little marketing. Even though Dennis needs time to develop his podcast to a more professional level like Dan Savage his heart is in the right place.  The more we talk and learn about mental health issues the better our society is, so I give this podcast a thumbs up.

Dylan F


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