Teen Witch is asked How Did This Get Made

HowdidthisgetmadeEpisode: 130 Teen Witch/ Deanna Cheng

Category: Comedy

Podcast Rating: Great 2


One of the popular movie conversation podcasts, How Did This Get Made? is a satirical take on movies that are so bad they’re  good.  The hosts comedic actors Paul Scheer (Fresh off the Boat), Jason Mantzoukas  (How to be Single) and June Diane Raphael (Grace and Frankie) watch a terrible movie and dissect the plot, characters and well everything else about the movie.

In this episode the hosts banter and debate the cult classic for adolescents “Teen Witch“.  This 1989 movie which is by all measures is terrible, has an affection that has lasted the ages.  I will let you watch the movie and then listen to the podcast for the details.  I am fascinated by the amazing cultural phenomenon where people actually take time and sometimes their own money to watch movies that are just plain bad.  The Germans have a word for this “Schadenfreude” where one takes pleasure in another’s pain.  I believe this phenomenon of so bad it’s good, is a very gentle form of this guilty pleasure.  A guilty pleasure that has spawned numerous successful podcasts and youtube channels.

Paul, June and Jason are clearly good friends, talented comics and play off each other well.  They have an insiders view of the world of movies and the art of making them. The podcast interestingly also has a connection with  slashfilm.com, which interviews the actors, directors, and or writers of the films that are discussed on How Did This Get Made.  I really enjoy this light entertaining podcast, possibly as the hosts are around my age and I get all references so there is a comfort level here.  I tend to listen to this podcast if I can’t sleep (which happens too frequently) or when I am cooking.  So grab a pillow, turn out the lights and play HDTGM to distract your brain for an hour.

Dylan F



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