The Illusion of Money on Ideas podcast

artworks-000025850384-4zs9d9-t500x500 Episode: The illusion of Money part 1

Category: Society and Culture

Podcast Rating: Great 2


Ideas is a podcast/radio show that takes a documentary approach to one idea and delves into the people and concepts behind that idea.  Hosted by Paul Kennedy, this long running show has been on the air in Canada for fifty one years.  Ideas covers social issues, culture and the arts, geopolitics, history, biography, science and technology, and the humanities.  This show in podcast form is right up my alley and I delight when new episodes are released.

In this episode the concept of money is explored with the proposal that money is just an illusion.  Anik See as this episode’s host explores what money really is, a promise. She looks at how this promise has evolved into what we think of money today but history shows us that this form of promise wasn’t always done in the way of credit and debt.  She also looks how the promise has been lost in the rules of banking, conflict of interest and places where the monetary system failed.

Ideas is a long form podcast, around an hour.  Many of the topics are multi episode but not all.  That gives the documentary the time to explore their subject in depth.  I find this very appealing in a world of soundbites and six second vine videos.  Nuance and patience are keys to understanding and Ideas presents its topics in this way.  I like listening to this podcast to learn about a subject I am interested in.  Listening takes some concentration but its worth working out my brain and keeping up on ideas that are shaping our modern world.

Dylan F




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