Checkup on Bitch Sesh Episode 12/ Spinning a Web

bitch seshEpisode: 12 Spinning a Web

Category: Comedy

Podcast Rating:  Great

Here we are back to Bitch Sesh.  Danielle Schneider (Hot Wives of Orlando) and Casey Wilson (Hot Wives of Orlando) present a podcast discussing The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.  If you haven’t read my other article on Bitch Sesh then let me illuminate what is fascinating about this podcast.  These two comedians and their friends not only are devoted fans of the housewives series but have a fairly popular parody on Hulu, Hot Wives of Orlando.

This week’s episode features their guest Jen Zaborowski a comedian friend who seems to be just as much as a fan.  The hosts head right into the gossip about the latest Housewives episode which is most of the podcast. The majority of the episode consists of yoga talk, the attractiveness of the husbands, the clothes and tried to compliments each of the Housewives.  A big topic of conversation is how this world effects the children on this reality show.

This podcast’s popularity eludes and fascinates me.  This should be the worst of us, a group of talented women gossiping about a reality show.  Bitch Sesh feeds into the worst stereotypes into the nature of our worship of celebrity culture.  However as stated before, this feels like an unscripted live art experiment.  The horribleness of the podcast becomes a brilliant comment on society as it lives in our modern media.  I would liken it to those movies which are so bad they are good and have a lasting impact on our culture long after oscar movies are forgotten.

Dylan F

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