Dan Carlins Hardcore History is a Gritty Analysis of World Events

hchistory Episode: 56 King of Kings

Category: History

Podcast Rating: Great 2


Storytelling is the oldest form of mass communication in human history.  Radio, television, Youtube and podcasts are in essence just storytelling.  Podcasting might even be the most true to form second only to sitting around a campfire.  The best podcasters are those who can weave a narrative, touch centers of our being and rouse us to some form of self action.  Hardcore History is one of the best podcasts to sit, listen, learn and wonder.

Host Dan Carlin was a news broadcaster and radio host through the eighties and nineties, as such he has the professional chops and experience for podcasting.  He also has the special something that cannot be taught.  He has the voice, cadence and love of telling stories.  In his podcast Hardcore History, one of two (Common Sense) we feels the energy, time period and the blood and sweat of the historical era.  He tries to stick to the facts as we know them but the story is no less compelling. This podcast episode tells us the tale of the rise and fall of the Persian Empire.  Dan Carlin shows the history from the Persian perspective and you learn how much of our politics today reflects the trials and tribulations of the Persians.

If you have any love of history, or even if you don’t, this is a great podcast.  It is long form, which means long, three hours twenty two minutes.  This gives Dan the time to explain in detail the how and why of historical world changing events.  Three hours is long but Dan breaks up the podcast like a book so you can take a breaks.  These podcasts are released over a couple of months so you don’t feel left behind if you miss an episode like some serial tv shows (Walking Dead, anyone). There isn’t any more I can add, just download and listen, the podcast will speak for itself.

Dylan F






  1. Great listen, put it on while studying for a calculus exam and it hurt a little to think about how much more I learnt from this.


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