FiveThirtyEight podcast casts at Super Tuesday

electionspodcast-02 Episode: Super Tuesday is Here 2/29/19

Category: News and Politics

Podcast Rating: Great is a website that computes big data for analysis.  This is much less dry and boring than it sounds.  The founder of the website, Nate Silver was made famous for accurately predicting all fifty states in the 2008 election.  His data analysis especially polling is well respected by journalists and politicians.  He also was aware of the podcasting trend and has two shows dedicated to it.

Fivethirtyeight elections gathers data journalists to discuss the insanity that is the 2016 elections.  The journalists are professionals but have an easy going manner and reflect the cultural attitudes of millennials and Gen Xer’s that they are.  They look at the likelihood of Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton having the nominations locked after Tuesday or if any scenarios have the other contenders coming out ahead.

You could ask why a Canadian such as myself would be interested in the American elections?  If your Finnish, from Hong Kong or Czech you know who we feel, having a big brother who mostly helps you out but also can be your worst enemy at times.  We took a hard turn to the left in October with our election of Justin Trudeau.  If the Americans take a hard right, could be interesting times for our relations.  There also seems to be a move to the extreme politically in elections all over the world and that would be a reflection of the uncertainty of our times.  That means the election of the world’s biggest economy matters even if their primaries are a little out there.

Dylan F

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