Death Sex and Money Podcast Explores long term effects of Heroin addiction

DSM_square Episode: Falling in love… with Heroin

Category: Society and Culture

Podcast Rating: Great

Death Sex Money is a Podcast about stories that ask the big questions in life and their effects when explored.  We often wonder what happens if?  This podcast brings you the answers that others face when they chose if.  Celebrities, people on their journeys and those who survived tragedy all tell their personal tales.  There is a cathartic release to the stories and we feel their pain and success with the storyteller.

The host Anna Sales brings out the emotional connection to the people she is interviewing.  Her manner and calmness draw out the undiscovered revelations of her guests.  She also share her own revelations with listeners to connect with the topic on the episode. This episode she talks to a couple who as teenage sweethearts fell in love with heroin as much as with each other.  The have a child as teens that they had to give up and a near death experience leads to incarceration.  Ten years later they discuss the effects of being an addict had on love.

Anna Sales is a good host like most NPR program hosts.  She is empathetic to her guests be they Lucinda Williams, Kamau Bell, Michael Ian Black or childhood sweethearts.  The topics are interesting and challenging even hard to listen to.  The resolution is worth staying to the end.  This half hour podcast is good to listen to if you are feeling reflective on a rainy day or have your own personal challenges and questions to ask.

Dylan F

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