RuPaul uses his Podcast to Explore Growth and Gossip

download Episode: 50 Gaye and Gayer with Ross Mathews

Category: Self-Help

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My random chance podcast this week is RuPaul What’s the Tee?  RuPaul is actually an important slice my own personal journey of growth.  Raised in Northern Canada in the seventies and eighties you can surmise it was a pretty homophobic place.  If you were different in any way but especially gay or feeling like you were the wrong sex, you had to hide it.  My friends and I didn’t share those feelings but we kept it to ourselves.  The first cable channels I experienced is when I moved to the big city of Terrace BC and that is when I first encountered RuPaul in the nineties.

RuPaul was the first person who crossed gender boundaries that I encountered in media who was not a stereotype. RuPaul, who I saw in and out of drag on television broke gender norms for me.  His embracing of various sexual  identities called into question many of the cultural values of my upbringing which in turn made me question everything.  Part of the process of becoming the peasant academic.

In her podcast RuPaul and co-host and close friend Michelle Visage (RuPauls’s Drag Race) discuss self growth and gossip with various guests.  In the many celebrity podcasts I have listened to where the host converses with their friends it doesn’t really translate to feeling like your really part of the conversation.  RuPaul managages to hold the balance of gossip and conversational depth pretty well.  In this episode, she and and Michelle interview Ross Mathews (the intern on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno).  There is a lot of information on coming out as gay, behind the scenes of Drag Race and the journey of inner growth.

I wouldn’t listen to this podcast on a regular basis as I am not really into the personal lives of celebrities.  However there are a cornucopia  of these type of podcasts out there and this is definitely one of the better ones.  If you are LGBTQ, love RuPaul’s Drag Race or interested in how people who are minor celebrities try to find the path to self growth this is a good podcast for you.  It is an hour long which is average and the right amount of time for this kind of podcast.

Dylan F

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