99% Invisible and Hiddeness of Everything

99invisible-logo-1400 Episode: 202 Mojave Phone Booth

Category: Design

Podcast Rating:  Great


In my march towards middle age I find I am drawn towards ideas and concepts that I never even considered in my youth.  I remember noticing a interesting planter at twenty-eight, the layout of a room at thirty-two and my fascination at the architecture of the rebuilding of New Orleans in my late thirties.  In this growing awareness I have found the importance that design plays in our living spaces.

99% invisible brings us stories of design and design influences in our everyday world. The architecture of a building, a room, a bridge or a phone that has changed our existence with each other.  Roman Mars, the host of 99% Invisible has been recognized as an innovator in podcasting.  He and his team have changed how podcasts are produced.  He has created a more of a storytelling narrative as opposed to the radio format.  This episode revolves around a phone booth that was in the middle of the Mojave desert and the person who created a website the eventually doomed the phone booth.

There is no reason that this should be a compelling story but it is.  The episode shows what a well produced podcast can accomplish.  If you are interested in podcasting, a short interesting story or most importantly the architecture and design all around us then this podcast is for you.  I often listen to this podcast when making breakfast for my son before he goes to school and get my day started, with creative energy and curiosity.

Dylan F


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