The Mystery Show Welcomes Back Kotter

mystery_logo_small Episode: Case #6 Kotter

Category: Arts

Podcast Rating: Great 2


After some insightful and heavy but great podcasts , one has to refresh and get centered.  Searching through podcast archives I found The Mystery Show.  This highly recommended podcast was last broadcast in August and I can see this podcast requires a lot of research and leg work.  Those of us who’s lives reach back to the seventies can remember a wholesome longing for the illusion of Americana brought by Happy Days, Grease and for me the books of the Hardy Boys.

Starlee Kine and her team delve into a small-scale mystery in each episode.  The various mysteries she looks into are why a video rental store closed or where a peculiar custom belt buckle came from.  As she investigates the people that have a particular connection to the mystery she learns more and more.  This episode Kline solves the mystery of the Welcome Back Kotter lunchbox scene.

Along the way Starlee Kline explores the esoteric direction of the people she interviews that highlight why this small mystery is important.  The show is fun without being silly and will bring a smile to your day.  Kline takes her time to research the mystery to fullest which results in a full hour of satisfying sleuthing.  I am glad I found this podcast to listen to on a bad day at work, tough day with the family or difficult night of homework.

Dylan F


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