Five Podcasts for Bloggers

I am a brand new blogger, starting my site in full fashion a little over a month ago.  It also took me this long to listen to podcasts relating to blogging.  I felt I should share my learning experience and write about it.

This was the worst experience I have had so far listening to podcasts for an article.  After ten hours of listening to over marketed kits, hopeless self promotion and more marketing, here are the best podcasts I could find.

cover170x170 (1)


Happy Blogger Podcast

Podcast Rating: okay


The Happy Blogger podcast is a new podcast brought to you by the Happy Blogger Plaza, a website to help promote blogs.  This short podcast is functional in that it gives advice that is valuable but does not go into detail.  I think it’s not necessarily a bad idea to use a podcast to support you business but there are better podcasts that have no vested interests.



Podcasting 101

Podcast Rating: Great

Podcasting 101 is show about all things social media.  This podcast interviews the people in the industry of social media, mostly podcasting, on the how and why of their introduction and success of their endevour.  This is a very informative podcast without hawking a service.



Blogging Your Passion

Podcast Rating: okay

Here is a podcast that is very professional in it’s presentation with a motivational speaker feeling.  This podcast has a lot of useful information but a bit of a sleazy business feel for me.  If you have no problem with the Gordon Gecko of the blogging world then this is a good podcast for you.



Ileane Smith Speaks

Podcast Rating: okay

What can I say about Ileane Smith Speaks?  She gives decent information and she has an easy going teacher like manner.  She isn’t obviously trying to sell something which is a plus.  I just couldn’t get into it, maybe as a school counselor I was surrounded by teachers and the magic is gone, I am not sure.  It definitely isn’t the worst podcast on this list so there is that.



How They Blog

Podcast Rating: Great

Finally we have the How They Blog podcast.  This podcast is well done and the host Kat Lee is professional and a good interviewer.  The show has good information and takes a personal story take on successful blogging.  The podcast supports Kat in her personal coaching business but she doesn’t overdue it, with a short self promotion at the start of her podcast.  This is a decent podcast to listen to when learning to blog.

P.S.  Looking for good podcasts on blogs, so if you know one please comment

Dylan F

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