Alice Isn’t Dead, a haunting new fiction podcast

0 Episode: Part 1 Chapter 1: Omlette

Category: Performing Arts

Podcast Rating: Great 2


The most popular trending podcasts are currently fictional stories.  A reminder of the old radio serials that were ancient even by the time I was born.  Indiana Jones, Star Wars and The Shadow are films that can trace back to their director’s love of this genre.  Gone but not forgotten and barely kept alive on the radio such as  A Prairie Home Companion, the old radio shows have made a come back.  The new digital age has allowed the idea of binge watching or listening a reality.  This idea has led to really great television viewing not obstructed by  weekly intervals and so with story driven podcasts.

Alice isn’t Dead is brought to you by the people who made Welcome to NightVale one of the first fiction podcasts that demonstrated the viability of storytelling on podcasts. Sound design on podcasts have been raised to a professional quality not able to be achieved on the radio. This quality and depth adds a whole new dimension to these podcasts which raises the level of experience.  Alice isn’t Dead is about a truck driver on a road trip. A journey we are along for in her search for Alice, her lost love.  The narrator tells her story in audio clips that have gaps in their recording that only highlights the mystery.

I really enjoy these type of podcasts, their evolution through the last couple of years has raised the bar to equal the best of television and movies in their respective genre.  This is evocative podcast to listen to while your sick in bed, which I currently am, and also for playing video games, or cuddling with a loved one (I remember that feeling).  Enjoy the dark and mysterious tale of Alice isn’t Dead.

Dylan F

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