Darkness Radio was not what I thought it was

darkness-radio-logo Episode: 3/10 Hour 3 Hunting the Paranormal

Category: Religion and Spirituality

Podcast Rating: Great


Wondering through the podcast world while I fight this brutal cold,  I stumbled on this podcast.  What grabbed my attention about Darkness Podcast was it’s title and description.  The byline on this podcast stated pop culture, tv and film.  When I loaded the podcast and started to listen to it, I soon realized Darkness was an all together different animal than I expected.

Darkness is a Radio show that is chopped up in three parts for podcast listening.  The program deals with the Paranormal.  Dave Shrader and Tim Dennis investigate haunted places, interview special guests discuss paranormal news and events .  This episode Dave talks to a paranormal investigator who was taken aback about a haunted home and it’s effect on the family that lives there.  The story is quite harrowing and it is clear the event had a chilling effect on the investigator.

The radio show is ten years old and the hosts are very experienced and quite good interviewers.  Dave questions each paranormal event and states quite openly that ninety nine percent are hoaxes, accidents or outliers however he has experienced things that cannot be explained.  The show is very popular which is the most interesting measure to myself.  There is still a wellspring of belief in the paranormal or extraterrestrial manipulations in North America even in 2016 and the advent of cellphones.  As a radio show converted into a podcast it doesn’t quite reach the level a pure podcast can achieve.  The show has annoying call-ins, blanks in time for ads you don’t hear and and station breaks.  As someone who doesn’t believe in the paranormal, Darkness doesn’t have any appeal to me but that doesn’t mean it’s not an interesting and well done podcast for those who do.

Dylan F

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