Canceled Podcast rewatches old favorites with older and wiser self

CanceledLogo Episode: 57 Eeire Ind. 1, 2, 3 w/ Carina Magyar

Category: Comedy

Podcast Rating: Great


There are a plethora, a cornucopia. a glut, and plenty of podcast featuring comedians interviewing other people.  Comedians connected to podcasting and ran with it, not just for promotion but it seems for the healing properties of self exploration.  They are largely responsible with keeping podcasts viable until Serial launched them into the larger media culture.

In Canceled we have a podcast featuring  Chris Cubas and fellow comedian re-watching favorite TV shows from their youth.  They discuss the canceled show and examine the impact or loss of this show to childhood or impact as an adult.  For those of us who grew up in the eighties, television had a serious impact on our formation of self.  I would theorize this time is when pop culture ceased to become just entertainment and became part of our social constructs.  In this episode Chris Cubas and Carina Magyar examine one of my favorite TV shows from the nineties, Eeire Indiana.  They look at the absurdity of this small town and how it looks from a child’s perspective which includes their own.

Canceled is not the most profession podcast but that fact doesn’t take away from it’s charm.  Chris Cubas genuinely tries to delve into the television shows but doesn’t have the academic background to truly break them down.  He does have comedy chops and when you listen to this podcast you feel like your in the discussion with him and his guest.  This is a friendly podcast that is good to listen to when you need to hear people talking and doing tasks that don’t require concentration on the podcast.  It’s not too deep but enjoyable.

Dylan F


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