Myths and Legends podcast recasts stories our ancestors told

download Episode: 26 Japanese Fairy Tales

Category: Literature

Podcast Rating: Great 2


What is great about the podcast world is the depth and creativity that is springing up. Myths and Legends podcast is literally telling a story, heralding back to sitting in a circle listening to an elder weave a fable with a moral or two.  In my own ancestry elders would tell of Raven the trickster, a mythical entity whose role was to teach the humans how to live harmoniously with nature and each other.

Jason Weiser as host of Myths and Legends uses a theme to set his stories too.  They can be Dragons, Irish legends or in this particular episode, wisdom.  Myths and Legends tries to tell the old stories as authentically as possible.  This means that the stories are definitely not for children and can be scary, strange and reflective to the times they were first told over a campfire.  Jason brings us two stories of Japanese folklore that centers on the struggles of being human and how happiness can be understood of being who we are.

I am a big fan of this podcast, and of course biased, as I love the old myths of my ancestry both European and First Nations.  The stories are as relevant in many way today as when they were first uttered and demonstrates humanity in it’s daily struggles hasn’t changed.  I usually listen to this podcast if I can’t sleep or if I want to be inspired to write.  There are thousands upon thousand of great stories buried in our history and I hope to eventually hear them all.

Dylan F

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